Financial contributions

At its first meeting, the Conference of the Parties to the Minamata Convention (COP1) adopted Decision MC-1/10 on financial rules, which requested the establishment of 3 trust funds:

  • The General Trust Fund to provide financial support to the work of the Convention Secretariat;
  • The Special Trust Fund to support, inter alia, activities by the Secretariat in accordance with article 14 (Capacity-building, technical assistance and technology transfer); the participation of representatives of developing-country Parties and of Parties with economies in transition in the meetings of the COP and its subsidiary bodies; and
  • The Specific Trust Fund for the specific international programme, to support capacity-building and technical assistance in accordance with article 13 (Financial resources and mechanism).

As called for under the financial rules of the COP, up-to-date information on the status of pledges and payments of contributions is provided below. Information will be updated on a monthly basis.  Parties who have paid contributions are strongly encouraged to confirm that such contributions are correctly reflected in the published information.

COP1 also entrusted the Secretariat with a programme of work and budget for the biennium 2018-2019 and adopted in Decision MC-1/15  the indicative scale of contributions due each year by Parties.

Overview of the scale of assessment and contributions to the General Trust Fund for 2021 

Status of contributions to the trust funds

Contributions to the General Trust Fund - as of 31 October 2020 
Contributions to the Special Trust Fund - as of 31 October 2020

Fundraising status of the Special Trust Fund 2020-21 - as of 31 October 2020 
Contributions to the Specific Trust Fund - as of 31 October 2020

Budget of the Minamata Convention

Budget of the Minamata Convention for the biennium 2020-2021

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