Specific International Programme

The Minamata Convention on Mercury, under Article 13, sets up a Specific International Programme to support capacity building and technical assistance. The Programme is expected to improve the capacity of developing-country Parties and Parties with economies in transition to implement their obligations under the Convention.

The Members of the Governing Board of the Specific International Programme are:

  • For Africa:  Sam Adu-Kumi (Ghana) and Younous Adoum Abdallah (Chad)
  • For Asia and the Pacific: Prasert Tapaneeynagkul (Thailand) and WTB Dissanayake (Sri Lanka)
  • For Central and Eastern Europe: Kaupo Heinma (Estonia) and Anahit Aleksandryn (Armenia)
  • For Latin America and the Caribbean: Florencia Grimalt (Argentina) and Nero Cunha Ferreira (Brazil)
  • For Western Europe and Others: Reggie Hernaus (The Netherlands) and Atle Fretheim (Norway)

Second Round of Applications

The Second Round of applications to the Specific International Programme was open for submissions between 5 March and 14 June 2019. Eligible Parties were invited to submit their applications for project funding between USD50,000 and USD250,000 by following the Application Guidelines and submitting the following documents:

Applications Guidelines were available in French and Spanish to assist Parties in their submissions, although applications had to be submitted in English.

Second meeting of the Governing Board, 2-3 October 2018

  • Download the report of the meeting in pdf

First meeting of the Governing Board, 15 May 2018

  • Download the report of the meeting in pdf

The first five projects approved

The Governing Board of the Specific International Programme met in Oslo from 2-3 October 2018 to review applications to its First Round. Please read the statement by the Co-Chairs, Mr. Sam Adu-Kumi and Mr. Reggie Hernaus. Visit the Governing Board meeting's photo gallery here (you will need to be logged in with your Flickr account)

5 Projects Selected by the Governing Board for the First Round

Argentina: Capacity Building Programme for the implementation of the Minamata Convention

Armenia: Strengthening capacity to promote phasing-out of mercury-added products (lamps) in Armenia

Benin: Improvement of management framework for mercury-containing products and wastes

Iran: Implementing of Minamata Convention on Mercury Management in Chlor-Alkali Plants in the Petrochemical Industry

Lesotho: Strengthening institutional capacity in the development of a phase-out and phase down strategy for mercury-added products in Lesotho

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