Specific International Programme

The Minamata Convention on Mercury, under Article 13, sets up a Specific International Programme to support capacity building and technical assistance. The Programme is expected to improve the capacity of developing-country Parties and Parties with economies in transition to implement their obligations under the Convention. 

The Members of the Governing Board of the Specific International Programme are: 

  • For Africa:  Sam Adu-kumi (Ghana) and Younous Adoum Abdallah (Chad)
  • For Asia and the Pacific: Prasert Tapaneeynagkul (Thailand) and WTB Dissanayake (Sri Lanka)
  • For Central and Eastern Europe: Kaupo Heinma (Estonia) and Anahit Aleksandryn (Armenia)
  • For Latin America and the Caribbean: Florencia Grimalt (Argentina) and Nero Cunha Ferreira (Brazil)
  • For Western Europe and Others: Reggie Hernaus (The Netherlands) and Atle Fretheim (Norway)


First Round of Applications now open

From 5 June 2018, the Specific International Programme of the Minamata Convention on Mercury is open for application for three months. The deadline for submission is Friday, 31 August 2018. 

Eligible Parties are invited to submit applications between USD50,000 and USD250,000 to the Specific International Programme

Both forms need to be completed for submission to the Secretariat at MEA-MinamataSecretariat@un.org

Approximately USD 800,000 have so far been contributed for use in 2018 from Austria, Denmark, Norway, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

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