First meeting of the Ad hoc Open-ended Working Group on mercury (OEWG 1)

Open-Ended Working Group Bangkok Thailand 12 - 16 Nov 2007

The first meeting of the Open Ended Working Group to review and assess measures to address the global issue of mercury was held from 12 to 16 November 2007 at the UN ESCAP facilities in Bangkok, Thailand.


The Working Group discussed options for enhanced voluntary measures, and new or existing international legal instruments on mercury. It also considered what types of response measures and strategies were available, the feasibility and effectiveness of voluntary and legally binding approaches and the options for implementation. The Working Group discussed the framework in which the response measures might best be implemented, including the extent to which various kinds of legally binding and voluntary measures would be suitable.

The Working Group agreed on a programme of intersessional work to be undertaken by the secretariat in order to further discussions at the Working Group’s second meeting.

Time and place
Takes place in
Bangkok Thailand
Starts on 12 Nov 2007 8 AM CET
Ends on 16 Nov 2007 8 AM CET
2007-11-12T08:00:00 - 2007-11-16T08:00:00
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