Briefings on COP-4 documents, clustered by COP-4 Agenda Items and tentative COP-4.2 schedule

Minamata Online Virtual 1 - 3 Feb 2022

The briefing session on COP-4 documents takes place in three parts, namely on Tuesday, 1 February, on Wednesday, 2 February and on Thursday, 3 February 2022 from 13h00 to 14h30 CET.

Working Documents and Information Documents for COP-4 are posted on the website of the Minamata Convention.

Kindly see the tentative schedule of work for COP-4.2.

  • Tuesday session: agenda, the annotated agenda, issues and information for the attention of the Conference of the Parties, Annex A and B, and effectiveness evaluation
  • Wednesday session: national reporting, financial resources and mechanism, customs codes, ASGM, releases, and mercury waste.
  • Thursday session: programme of work and budget, capacity-building and technical assistance, secretariat, gender, international cooperation and coordination, rules of procedure, and financial rules

Each session will also include key information on practical matters pertaining to COP-4.2 and the opportunity for Q&A.

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