First full national reports to be submitted by 31 December 2021

01 Dec 2021

The deadline approaches for parties to the Minamata Convention on Mercury to report on their fight against toxic mercury covering the period from 16 August 2017 (the date of entry into force of the Convention) to 31 December 2020. The first full national report pursuant to Article 21 reflects on measures taken to implement the provisions of the Convention, on the effectiveness of such measures and on possible challenges in meeting its objectives.

New Online Reporting Tool

85 parties are already using the online reporting tool, with eight reports submitted so far and many more in progress. The online tool follows the reporting format agreed by the Conference of Parties and is available in the six official languages of the UN. An offline paper version has also been created by the Secretariat, which is not intended to replace the online reporting tool but to further help parties prepare their national reports before submitting them online.

To better assist parties with preparing the full national reports, the Secretariat has prepared a draft guidance for completing the full national reporting format in the six official languages of the UN to clarify the information being sought. This document was requested by the Conference of the Parties in decision MC-3/13, encouraging parties to use it on a provisional basis to effectively manage and formulate their answers in the report.

The Secretariat has also used its online series of digital engagement, Minamata Online, to share information and support parties in the preparation of the reports and the use of the new online reporting tool. The video recordings of the webinars, which included two top-up sessions in French and Spanish, can be watched in this YouTube playlist. To know more and download the presentations, check the links on the right.

The deadline for reporting is 31 December 2021. Please reach out to the Secretariat at any point for help, whether technical or substantive, at MEA-MinamataSecretariat [at]

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